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Tampa Bay Wedding Musicians

Choosing the music and the form is all about you and your tastes and preferences. Musicians can underscore the elegance of the event and they can set an exuberant and celebratory mood as well. Ask those musicians that you’re considering for a sample of their music. Most will be more than happy to provide a tape or a cd for your preview. The right music from an accomplished musician or group can really make your wedding day even more special and memorable!

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Musicians, Bands, Dance Bands, Tampa Bay Brides .com - Entertainment at your wedding reception in Tampa, St. Pete, or Clearwater can be provided in several forms. There are many fine local bay area musicians. There are also many fine bands and dance bands in Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater. Choose from local duets, trios, and quartets as well as individual musicians. Many of the musicians listed here can offer variations on their standard set-up by adding additional musicians. If you're located in Tampa, St. Pete, or Clearwater you might want to contact one of the musicians or dance bands on this page to perform at your wedding. These musicians can perform at your wedding ceremony as well as your wedding reception.